I devote myself to researching, writing, teaching and exploring new and old paths in musicological research. I write every day, with the rare break of a few days when I teach or travel.

I’ve published six books, four of them co-authored, and over sixty essays, chapters and articles over the last 18 years. I am co-editor-in chief for the journal Musica/Tecnologia (Firenze University Press). I am part of the editorial board of Projet Analyses (Ircam, Paris), of Organised Sound (Cambridge Unviersity Press), and for other international journals.



Live Electronic Music. Composition, Performance, Study (with Friedemann Sallis et al., 2018)

Studiare la computer music. Definizioni, analisi, fonti (2011)

Vent’anni di musica elettronica all’università di Padova. Il Centro di sonologia computazionale (with S. Durante, 2002)


Complete list of my publications 2001-2019



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