Fluxus (1979) by Teresa Rampazzi at the final concert of the Darmstadt Summer Course

Alongside the new version of the mesmerizing piece Dust III (2018-21) by Rebecca Saunders, this evening the quadraphonic work Fluxus by Teresa Rampazzi will be performed during the final concert of the 50th Darmstadt Summer Course.

After 70 years, Rampazzi is back at the Ferienkurse (she attended the course also in 1954, 1956, and until 1959, according to historical sources).


More info on the piece here: http://www.teresarampazzi.it/…/teresa-rampazzi-back-at…/

More info on the concert here: https://www.facebook.com/imd.darmstadt/posts/4305552502823947

Teresa Rampazzi in 1976 at the Conservatory of Music in Padova in front of the ARP 2500 analog modular synthesizer. Photo by Luciano Menini.

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