Teresa Rampazzi’s voice and her unique piece “Taras”

Curious to hear what Teresa Rampazzi’s (1914-2001) voice sounded like? This is a unique opportunity.

This audio track I’ve uploaded on SoundCloud is part of a radio programme aired in 1985 “Le nuove frontiere della musica” (New frontiers of music; director: Tonino Delfino). Rampazzi and Delfino are discussing her piece “Taras su tre dimensioni”.

The approximately eleven-minutes work represents an unicum among Teresa Rampazzi’s repertoire, because of its compositional material. It is made from the juxtaposition of three typologies of sounds: analogue, concrete and computer made sounds. It is also the only piece in her catalogue which incorporates concrete sounds.
The piece (only a few minutes from the entire work) starts at 2:23.

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Teresa in 1979


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