Call for submissions: ORGANISED SOUND Vol. 25, N. 2

ORGANISED SOUND, Call for Submissions – Volume 25, Number 2
Issue thematic title: Time in Electroacoustic Music
Deadline for submission: 15 September 2019

Topics for investigation could include:
• critical schema of time representations which have been previously articulated by composers/analysts (e.g. Stockhausen, Xenakis);
• comparison of analytical approaches in their treatment of subjective temporal aspects of music;
• evaluation of representational models of time for EA and their impact on composition;
• a comparison of terminology and metaphors used in composers’ writings and/or textbooks about music;
• a comparison of musical concepts of time with reference to those in another field (performance studies, history, film studies, psychology, etc.)
• the perception and effects of audible reference to body movements in music – gestures, footsteps, etc. – whether artificially created, recorded directly, distorted, or mediated by gestural controllers;
• the effect of tools and software on the conception and manipulation of time in ea (as opposed, for example, to acoustic music composition);
• shifting trends in the electroacoustic field of attitudes and techniques towards time manipulation;
• a comparison on various composers’ attitudes towards temporal aspects viewed in the context of the cultural/historical views of their environment/community;
• ontologies of time in EA music.

For further information click on the link.


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