With my teammates Nicolas Misdariis, Frank Pecquet, Nicolas Donin, and David Fierro, we will be present at the next conference CIM (XXII Colloquio di Informatica Musicale) in Udine, Italy, from 20 to 23 November. Our talk is titled

“Analysis of Sound Design Practices. Research Methodology”

Our contribution describes an on-going project started in March 2018 entitled “Analysis of Sound Design Practices” [ASDP]. The team comprises members from the LABEX CAP (Création, Arts et Patrimoines); the ACTE Institute (Arts Creation Theory Aesthetics); IRCAM’s APM (Analysis of Musical Practices) and PDS (Sound Perception and Design) teams.

By means of a large-scale study – based on web documentation, an online questionnaire, interviews and analytical results – the team is working towards understanding the creative process as well as the identity of Sound Design and Sound Designers in particular, in Europe. The main target concerns the development of a consistent sociological, geographical and historical knowledge of the discipline, and, consequently, to better identify the relevant issues in both artistic, technical or scientific commitment.

The purposes of this presentation is to describe (a) the general framework of the project; (b) the methodology of the ongoing study (collaborative tools, writing and sending a questionnaire); (c) initial developments and results – terminology and definition, translation issues, conception of a database, listing of professionals and different institutions in Europe, first feedback analysis.

Complete Conference Programme: http://www.aimi-musica.org/…/…/11/XXII-CIM-Programme-3.3.pdf

Conference proceeding will be published right after the conference (stay tuned!).


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