Les Femmes de GRM: concert series, Jan. 2017

Les Femmes de GRM: January 2017: Thu, 12.01.2017 – Sun. 15.01.2017, ZKM_Kubus, Karlsruhe Germany.

4 Concerts with music by composers Beatriz Ferreyra, Evelyne Gayou, and Annette Vande Gorne who collaborated closely with the studio.

From the concert series program:

When considering the GRM one of the striking features is the predominance of male artists in the public’s perception of the institution, in spite of the fact that female artists played a decisive role in the development of electroacoustic music around Schaeffer. Various generations of women in the GRM have failed repeatedly due to the same hurdles: independent compositional work proved difficult since, for women, access to the necessary studio equipment and devices was often made difficult or even denied them. Moreover, even the most talented female composers were frequently obliged to wait, for the most part in vain, for their works to be performed, in spite of the fact that the artists in question worked with the most innovative technologies, and contributed to the further development of Schaeffer’s method.


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