(Reblogged) Game Music: How Laura Shigihara Created “Rakuen” and its Soundtrack

High Scores is a monthly column in which Bandcamp profiles a video game soundtrack composer. In the first installment, Casey Jarman talks to Laura Shigihara about her latest game soundtrack, “Rakuen.”

Laura Shigihara is a classic overachiever. She’s both a musician and game developer whose music has appeared on a far-flung range of soundtracks—from the addictive mobile-turned-platform mega-hit Plants Vs. Zombies to the generation-defining World of Warcraft and the notoriously tear-jerking indie To The Moon.

Perhaps more impressively, Shigihara is a D.I.Y. wiz: she’s a talented multi-instrumentalist who usually self-produces her music, and she’s a bona fide YouTube star with over 100,000 followers and millions of views to her name. The culmination of her talents can be seen in the forthcoming indie adventure gameRakuen, where Shigihara is both the primary force behind the game’s story and development, as well…

Reblogged from Feminatronic: Interview Reblog -High Scores: How Laura Shigihara Created “Rakuen” and its Soundtrack


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