Immagini Per Diana Baylon: new vinyl by Teresa Rampazzi


As with the spellbinding Musica Endoscopica, this issue of Immagini Per Diana Baylon – one of her three known soundtracks for art installations – helps to place Teresa as Italy’s answer to Daphne Oram; that is, a pioneering female experimenter operating in a male dominated field since the ’50s, and an artist/musician/technician who was magnetically drawn to the emerging possibilities of analogue electronics (although she would also expand into computer composition as soon as the opportunity arose).

Here is what writes about this new incredible issue I curated in collaboration with Die Schachtel (Read the entire article here: Remastered from the original tapes, foil-blocked metallic print jacket with fold-out insert of liner notes and photographs, this new vinyl by Teresa Rampazzi on die Schachtel Label, is out now.

The long and mesmerizing single piece of analogue electronic music that develops over the two sides of the “silver series” LPs is a soundscape composed by Rampazzi for the artist Diana Baylon’s 1972 exhibition at the modern art gallery “Il Fiore” in Florence (Italy). Diana Baylon (1920-2013) was a cross-disciplinary artist who transformed various materials into figurative and – later in the ‘60s – abstract and programmatic art objects. In the summer of 1969 she appeared – along with with Alberto Burri, Pablo Picasso, Jean Dubuffet and Lucio Fontana – at the Festival dei Due Mondi di Spoleto exhibition «Maitres et jeunes d’aujourd’hui».

You may listen the entire Side A of the vinyl on Soundcloud.

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