John Chowning and Theremin: oral history interview (Stanford Archive)

Jonathan Manton, sound archive librarian at the Stanford University Libraries,  has just published this article and mp3 file: on September 2nd, 2015, he carried out an oral history interview with John Chowning, Professor Emeritus at Stanford’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) and inventor of Frequency Modulation (FM) synthesis.

They discussed Chowning’s background in computer music, his history at Stanford and the inception of CCRMA, his collaboration with Max Mathews.

But, most importantly, they discussed  Leon Theremin’s visit to Stanford in 1991, which Chowning organized and oversaw.

Please read here the whole article:

Please download the oral interview here:


CCARMA/Theremin visit, 1991 (standing from left, John Chowning, Bob Moog, Paul Lansky, David Wessel, Roger Lind, Dave Smith, Don Buchla, ?, Tom Oberheim, Victor Karamov seated, from left, David Jaffe, Lev Theremin, Max Mathews, Theremin’s granddaughter, Andy Schloss). Source:

Here’s another important article with Olivia Mattis and Robert Moog in interview with Leon Theremin about his visit in the United States in 1991:


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