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I found this article while I was looking for traces, info, any evidence that Teresa Rampazzi did collaborate with Diana Baylon for the piece “Immagini per Diana Baylon”. Teresa realized this piece in 1972 for Baylon’s exhibition in Florence (http://www.dianabaylon.it/mostre/). As many artists from the ’60s and the ’70s, she did not like to archive, write, leave concrete proofs of her past and activity. My research must then find people, connections and possible contacts to deepen this wonderful history. Rampazzi and Baylon were friends. They were two female artists.
I’m so glad this post led me to meet Aldo Ricci. Thank you.

aldo ricci blog

Diana Baylon  (1920-2012) nei '70 Diana Baylon (1920-2013) nei ’70 ph Aldo Ricci


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