Enore Zaffiri & the others (Pietro Grossi, Teresa Rampazzi): Italian electronic music pioneers

There was a loophole in the Italian electroacoustic music studies. Noone had ever written a complete study dedicated to Enore Zaffiri, and now we finally have a complete book about this astonishing music researcher. Andrea Valle and Stefano Bassanese are the editors of the book Enore Zaffiri. Saggi e Materiali. Here you find the complete publication (Creative common, ISBN: 9788890341328).

I am proud to be part of this publication. My contribution builds on the pioneering work of Pietro Grossi,Teresa Rampazzi and Enore Zaffiri, the analogies and mutual exchanges between these pioneers and their laboratories – “Interdisciplinarità, collaborazione, didattica e diffusione a Torino (1963), Firenze (1964) e Padova (1965)” pp. 85-110.

Pietro Grossi, one of the three main electronic music pioneers in Italy (with E.Zaffiri and T.Rampazzi).

Pietro Grossi, one of the three main electronic music pioneers in Italy (with E.Zaffiri and T.Rampazzi).

Table of content:

1 Prefazione – Andrea Valle e Stefano Bassanese

2 La creatività artistica di Enore Maria Zaffiri – Marco Stefenatto

3 Enore Zaffiri: musica tra arti e multimedia nella Torino del secondo Novecento – Giacomo Albert

4 Interdisciplinarità, collaborazione, didattica e diffusione a Torino (1963), Firenze (1964) e Padova (1965) – Laura Zattra

5 Quattro film sperimentali di Enore Zaffiri – Alessandro Amaducci

6 “Musica per un anno”. A computational reconstruction of Enore Zaffiri’s analog algorithmic composition – Andrea Valle

7 Quattro policromie a quattro mani – Andrea Agostini e Stefano Bassanese

8 Colloquio con Enore Zaffiri – a cura di Veniero Rizzardi

9 Appendice I: Enore Zaffiri, Policromie per voce e sintetizzatore (1974)

10 Appendice II: Enore Zaffiri: l’esperienza storica della musica elettronica a Torino, programma del 27/28 Marzo 2012


In this page you will also find 3 audio excerpts: AIMI site

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