teresa rampazzi. the research is being updated

orologio junghans di teresa rampazzi

orologio junghans di teresa rampazzi

Continua lo studio sulla compositrice Teresa Rampazzi, pioniera della musica elettronica in Italia. A breve troverete bozze, appunti e aggiornamenti alla mia ricerca in corso, con nuovi materiali, interviste, foto e articoli.

Il sito di Teresa Rampazzi ha da poco una nuova veste grafica. Visitatelo!

Se volete ascoltare la sua musica, fatelo con il CD “Musica Endoscopica”, Die Schachtel.

“This edition features a previously unreleased selection of her compositions, with the dense, long drone pieces made of complex textures exploring the computer’s capacity to produce endless variations of source material being of particular note. If, like us, you’re an early-electronic obsessive, follower of the Radiophonic Workshop, Daphne Oram, Tape Music or even modern Drone we think you’ll be completely blown away by this amazing set” (Bookmat)

“Emanating from what’s considered the prehistory of computing, these forms are surprisingly sophisticated – and bautiful too” (Rob Young, The Wire, Feb. 2009).

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